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Repel Junior Roll On 50ml 婴儿儿童驱蚊虫棒50毫升

Repel Junior Roll On 50ml 婴儿儿童驱蚊虫棒50毫升



Repel Junior Roll On 50ml
Repel Junior Roll-on is a low strength personal insect repellent which is safe enough to be used on infants over 2 months of age. Repel Junior Roll-on contains 10% DEET which will safely and effectively repel mosquitoes, sandflies, fleas, biting flies, ticks and other blood sucking insects for 2-4 hours before the need to reapply. If using on a young child or infant, please do not spray the hands if the child is likely to suck on them. The added benefit of a permethrin treated mosquito net should be used for a child when sleeping for extra protection.
Most Repel Tropical Strength products come in a handy size for travelling and can be carried within on-board luggage when flying.
Can be used on infants over 2 months of age.
Active Ingredients:
10% DEET

Must not be used by Infants under 2 months

Extended Information:DEET is a strong plasticiser that can distort or harm some plastics, synthetics and other materials. Always store Repel insect repellents separately in a zip-lock bag before stowing in luggage, in case of accidental leakage. When possible, store upright, and keep cap tightened.


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