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Go Healthy CHLOROPHYLL CLEANSE 高之源叶绿素排毒液 500ml

Go Healthy CHLOROPHYLL CLEANSE 高之源叶绿素排毒液 500ml


GO CHLOROPHYLL CLEANSE contains nature's premium liquid, Chlorophyll, which helps to cleanse and detoxify the body and blood. Chlorophyll helps to balance the body's acid-alkaline levels to support overall health and well-being.


  • Purified water
  • Chlorophyll
  • Spearmint Oil

Dose: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING. Adults: Take 1-3 teaspoons (5-15mL) in the morning, before food. Can be taken straight, or diluted in water or juice. Or as directed by your HealthCare Professional.

GO Chlorophyll Cleanse FAQs

Q: Why must this product be refrigerated once opened?

A: Liquid Chlorophyll tends to taste better once “chilled”. Refrigeration will also help to keep it fresh

Q: Is this product suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

A: Yes. Because it is a plant based product and supplied in liquid form, GO Chlorophyll Cleanse is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Q: Can GO Chlorophyll Cleanse be taken during pregnancy?

A: The safety of Chlorophyll during these times have not yet been established, therefore we advise not to be taken.

Q: How long before results are noted?

A: Results vary among individuals. Best taken long term for full effects to be noted.


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