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Ecoroa® Trip Spray 天然有机薰衣草喷雾100 毫升 驱蚊安神

Ecoroa® Trip Spray 天然有机薰衣草喷雾100 毫升 驱蚊安神




Protect your baby’s skin from harmful insects

Baby skin can be especially sensitive, allergic reaction could occur from even minor irritation, and often develops into itching and red spots causing extreme stress.

Environmental exposure leaves your baby vulnerable to harmful insects including mosquitoes, flies and other biting insects.

ecoroa® Trip Spray uses organic lemon citrodora and lemon grass essential oils to effectively repel insects.

The special smell of lavender helps relief stress,soothing and reducing the redness and irritation of skin.

Best used on items often used for outdoor activities.

Spray from 10-20cms away a small amount onto baby’s clothing, pillow, stroller, socks and hat used outdoors.

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