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Clinicians Nasal Clear (non-medicated) 科立纯无药喷鼻剂25毫升

Clinicians Nasal Clear (non-medicated) 科立纯无药喷鼻剂25毫升

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  • 成人: 一天三次,每次喷入每个鼻孔一到两下,直到症状缓解。
  • 儿童: 一天三次,每次喷入每个鼻孔一下,直到症状缓解。
  • 婴儿:请咨询药剂师。
  • 喷完喷剂以后,五到十分钟,轻轻地擤鼻涕, 以排出污物。


Nasal Clear Spray Benefits

  • It works with the sinuses natural function
  • Its moistening effects on the sinuses can help with dry nasal passages on long haul flights
  • Helps to gently soothe the mucous membranes and down into the throat
  • Helps reduce the duration and intensity of winter ills and chills
  • Cooling, soothing and tastes nice
  • Natural – made from xylitol from plant sugars
  • Can be used for acute or chronic situations

Nasal Clear Spray Features

  • It can be used long term and with other medicines
  • Xylitol may be considered a natural functional food which is extremely safe to use for all age groups – safe for babies
  • Safe in pregnancy
  • It does not cause drowsiness and does not appear to lose effect overtime
  • Non steroidal so does not damage the tissues and can be used long term
  • It may be used alongside conventional medication

Active Ingredients

Each spray contains:

Ingredients Strength
 Xylitol  2.5mg  


Also contains: Purified water, citric acid, sodium citrate and potassium sorbate.

No added: gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours.

Recommended Dose:

  • Adults: Apply 1 to 2 sprays into each nostril 3 times daily until symptoms improve.
  • Children 6 years and older: Apply 1 spray into each nostril 3 times daily until symptoms improve.
  • Infants and Babies: Spray the contents into the cap and apply 1 to 2 drops in each nostril 3 times daily.
  • Gently blow nose 5 to 10 minutes after each dose, to remove bacterial build up.

Contraindications & Cautions

Precautions and Contraindications

None known. Clinicians Nasal Clear Spray is a natural functional food and is considered safe to use in all age groups including babies

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Clinicians Nasal Clear Spray (non-medicated) is safe to take during pregnancy and breast feeding.

More Information

You may like to use Clinicians VirActive Seasonal alongside Xylitol Nasal Spray to address symptoms associated with ills and chills. You also may wish to consider Hi-Dose Vit C or Family Vitamin C for extra immunity support.

Xylitol is a sugar-alcohol molecule found in small quantities in various fruits and vegetables including raspberries, strawberries, yellow plums and cauliflower. It is also a natural intermediate product which is formed during human glucose metabolism. Xylitol’s sweetening ability is similar to sugar (sucrose) and it is used as a sweetener in the food industry. Xylitol is used for the prevention of dental cavities and is the most effective sugar substitute for protecting teeth from decay. It does not depend on insulin for metabolism but produces the same amount of energy, which is useful in diabetic foods. Xylitol is commonly used as a sweetener in chewing gum.

Trials indicate that taking Xylitol orally is safe to at least 90g per day. Xylitol has been used as a dietary agent to support inner ear health in young children. Xylitol doesn’t kill the bacteria, it merely causes the bacteria to detach from the mucosal wall, allowing the body to remove it with natural secretions, thereby down-regulating bacterial load.


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