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Aveeno Baby - Wash and Shampoo 236ml 天然燕麦婴儿无泪洗浴洗头液236毫升

Aveeno Baby - Wash and Shampoo 236ml 天然燕麦婴儿无泪洗浴洗头液236毫升


Made with natural oat extract, this tear-free, hypoallergenic wash and shampoo cleanses your baby’s skin without drying. So gentle it can be used on newborns and babies with dry, sensitive skin.

Extended Information:

Colloidal oatmeal forms a protective barrier on the skin to help soothe dry, irritated skin conditions and protect against external irritants. Natural colloidal oatmeal lotions have been clinically proven to moisturise and soothe skin. Oatmeal also gently cleanses and helps maintain skin’s natural moisture, to prevent further moisture loss.

Additionally, it is known to soothe dry, sensitive skin, which makes it ideal for babies and children


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