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General Services

Emergency contraceptive pills

Antibiotics treatments for urinary tract infections and conjunctivitis

Men's health - Avigra prescribing

SSRI Counselling

This involves the pharmacist having a comprehensive consultation with a customer who has been started on antidepressants regarding their medications and how to optimise benefits of these medications. It also includes a follow up with the client in a month’s time.

Anticoagulant Counselling

Our pharmacists can provide you with all the important information you need about Warfarin or Dabigantran and your lifestyle to ensure your anticoagulant therapy is effective and safe. 

Long Term Care Patients (LTC)

If you have signed up to be an LTC patient at our pharmacy then our pharmacists are able to provide more clinical services at free of charge or lower costs.

Medicines Use Review Services (MUR)

MUR involves the pharmacist carrying out a review of your medication.  The service is individualised to your specific needs and will consider what you know about your medication and how you use your medication.  During the review we will discuss your likes and dislikes about your medication and try to help you get the most benefit from the treatment plan you have from your Doctor. We also consider other natural therapies and medication that you can buy directly from the supermarket or pharmacy without a prescription.  With your permission and in agreement with your GP we can access your medical records to review blood tests etc.  With all the information we gather from you and your doctor and possibly family we will make recommendations to your GP and give you specific training, advice and support to help you optimise the benefits you get from your medicine and reduce the chance of having possible side effects.

Smoking Cessation Services

One of the best things you can do to improve your health and life is to stop smoking. If you are wanting support to stop smoking we can help by providing you with a counselling session, during which we will work with you to come up with your plan to stop smoking and provide you with advise and support to make that plan happen.

*Services only available to NZ customers.