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Pharmacist Only Medcines 药剂师处方药

请在选购药剂师处方药品(Pharmacist Only Medicines)之前,务必与药剂师咨询,以确保您的用药安全。如果您在与药剂师沟通之前下单,这类药品将在货运前被自动取消,货款将被全额返还。新西兰法律规定,病人在获取药剂师处方药 (Pharmacist Only Medicines)前,必须与药剂师进行咨询,由药剂师确诊症状并推荐最适合的药物。在此过程中,药剂师需记录病人姓名,地址,及所购药品及数量。您的私人信息和健康记录受新西兰健康隐私条例保护,不会透露给任何第三方,敬请配合。

敬请注意,此两类药品 - 药剂师处方药品(Pharmacist Only Medicines)和药店专卖药品(Pharmacy Medicine),根据新西兰法律规定,网站销售每人每次限购量一般为1个数量单位。如果您有私人原因,所需数量大于1个数量单位,请与药剂师沟通。

新西兰法律同时规定,任何人在药店以外销售以上两种药品:药剂师处方药(Pharmacist Only Medicines)和药店专卖药(Pharmacy Only Medicines) 均属严重违法行为。目前在代购行业中Elevit孕期维生素,Lamisil脚气药膏,Proctosedyl痔疮膏, Nu-lax便秘药,Xenical减肥排油丸等均数此类范畴的药品。请广大消费者在正规药店购买正品,确保您的用药安全。

Pharmacist Only Medicines (also known as Restricted Medicines) are NOT available for self-selection from the pharmacy shelves or online pharmacy, and the sale must be made by a pharmacist. When selling these medicines, pharmacists must fulfill some special requirements designed to make sure you are properly informed about the safe and correct use of your medicine and your personal information including name, address, phone number or ID number in some situations would be recorded by the pharmacist.

Please contact your pharmacist before selecting any Pharmacist Only Medicines in this website. Any Pharmacist Only Medicines appear in your checkout WITHOUT our pharmacist's approval will be automatically DELETED and your money would be fully refunded. 

Please note the maximum purchase quantity for both Pharmacist Only Medicines and Pharmacy Medicines is ONE unit per each customer visit.