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Artemis 新西兰本土天然有机养生茶

The Artemis range originates from authentic Swiss formulas, supported by the latest research in plant-based medicine. Our products are formulated to provide essential and fast-acting natural health solutions to empower people to look after themselves.

The key to our products' effectiveness:

  • Unique and comprehensive recipes of professional strength
  • Medicinal-grade herbs with high levels of active constituents
  • 100% natural and certified organic ingredients

Our manufacturing processes are independently audited by BioGro, ensuring the delivery of reliable quality for effective, natural health solutions. Our premium products are beneficial for all ages, including babies. They are designed to be safely used alongside pharmaceutical medicine and during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We pride ourselves on our impeccable safety record.



Artemis 虽然不是第一个出花果茶的品牌,却是第一个通过政府认证,拥有保健功效、属于保健品的茶品牌。之前无论是Bell、还是Healtherie's、亦或是Red Seal,这些超市版本的花果茶都仅仅是饮料而已,这些饮料茶都不敢给消费者承诺任何真正的功 效。而Artemis却突破先河,在新西兰首例通过医学临床研究、政府许可认证,是真真正正的功能性保健茶。

Artemis 由瑞士注册医疗药师AandrClair创立于1998年,她在新西兰的高山上发现了世界一流药用植物。Artemis的配方融合了欧洲古老的传统草药智 慧和现在医学科学的原理,从古方的草药中猎取灵感,通过现代医学科学的技术研究并试验每一款配方,发展出一系列的有机养生产品。